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July 18th, 2011 10:35 PM
Aquarium junk!

When I moved into this house, I no longer had the option of using a bath tub to fill and empty buckets of water for aquarium water changes. Considering I have five tanks that are primarily aquatic, I had to have some way of cleaning the tanks without carry five gallon buckets up a flight to the main bathroom. So I was forced to buying this overpriced Aqueon water changer. A hose with special sink attachment, a good idea in practice, but every part of it is plastic. Even the threading and such that you attach to your sink.

Needless to say, after about five or six water changes, the friggin faucet attachment's small inner threading was entirely stripped, leading to it just falling off the faucet while trying to use it. Oh yes let's go out and buy their special replacement part so I can keep replacing it over and over. The first link mentions that it's "durable enough to withstand years of weekly water changes!" Hilarious!

Of course, I like trying to solve things in a way that doesn't make me beholden to a single company's shoddy replacement parts, so I got something sorta like this from a hardware store. The one I got was entirely metal, smaller, and about $4. It just needs to be a faucet-to-garden-hose adapter. It'll last forever.

Also, they sell proprietary hose extensions for ludicrous amounts of money (almost as much as the full product), when you can just lop off arbitrary lengths of hose from a hardware store and splice it on with some kind of hose repair kit. Just make sure it's rated safe for drinking.

I eventually want to dissect the rest of the contraption to figure out what standard plumbing parts I can get to perform the same task. It's mainly just some kind of T-junction switch and one part that narrows the flow down. The entire thing could be built from the plumbing section, which I'm tempted to do just to see that it can be done.

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Rob3rt - July 30th, 2011, 4:42:32 AM

So, is this an Aquarium-tagged entry?

Doug - August 2nd, 2011, 12:51:27 AM

Yeah, sort of. I've got a couple other tag ideas that I'll add in as I come up with more content. Still need to fix some bugs, this thing wasn't meant to work like this. But I like the idea of separated content so I can actually focus on specific things.

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