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Christine - November 4th, 2010, 10:30:08 PM

Background Information

My family always teases me about the fact that I almost always name my characters in games Sandra Swordblade or when that does not work, Glinda Moonblade. This got me thinking. What would happen if this was the same person who just happened to be transported to different worlds? That would, as Doug often says, be "crazy shenanigans!" When you read the random numbers in the story are footnotes. Anyways, this idea just occurred to me while I was walking with my friend and she was talking about Final Fantasy. So to cut this intro short....

Chapter One- The Beginning

It was a warm summer day when our heroine, Sandra Swordblade, was informed of a particular gene she had inherited. " You, my dear, have inherited a particular gene." Now this statement, made by the Wise Lady Wiz, was not to be taken without some outrage. "Are you telling me that not only have I inherited a dense build, huge hands, and abnormally large feet, I have another even stranger gene?!"1

Sandra was the daughter of Warlord Robinson, King of the land of Ya. Never being a delicate child, unlike her two sisters, she was early on placed in the care of Grant Axewielder, the Weapons Master of the Ya. By eighteen, Sandra was already proficient in a longsword, and longbow, along with picking up other skills rapidly.2

"I am sorry, but you have Amoeboge3 Syndrome. When I read your knee, its wrinkles immediately clued me in to the problem. The last case I saw was in your great grandmother4. She returned eventually so I wouldn't worry too much!"

"Wait a second." Sandra was lost as most were apt to be when talking to Lady Wiz. " What does this disease entail?"

"Hard work, persistence, patience, and a knack for picking up random skills, of course! Oh, and being dragged from one world to the next, fulfilling quests. Of course there is much more to it but that will be revealed in dear!" *Puff*

To be continued...
1: Don't judge her. She really does have all of the characteristics she described along with wide shoulders, crazy brown hair, huge muscles(to be explained later), and a mild addiction to salt, also inherited

2: Big coincidence, don't you think?

3: Literally means "world change"

4: Sandra inherited a majority of her traits from her great grandmother
Before you say anything, reading books does not make one a good writer!

Rob3rt - November 4th, 2010, 10:38:51 PM

Interesting, I do you trying to bring in some parallels! Is this the beginning of a sort of story? A recap of adventures?

Christine - November 4th, 2010, 10:57:57 PM

Something like that. Basically, she is going to be traveling from one game world to another.

Michael - November 5th, 2010, 11:10:13 AM

Ha! Bravo, good sis! Carry on then, what what!

Christine - April 23rd, 2011, 9:34:08 PM

It has been many months since that fateful day(1). Our hero, Sandra Swordblade, has been trapped in what must be the worst world she has ever encountered...The Sims(2)!

"How do I escape this nightmare?! There is no plot or story to find in this blasted world and everyone speaks in gibberish with some voice bubbles thrown in!(3)"

At that moment one of her neighbors rang her doorbell.

(Hmmmm...not much excitement can be found for our girl so I(4) will through her a bone)


"I have been ordered, by she who is not to be named, to take you to your next assignment. Follow me."(5)

Suddenly there appeared a large glowing door(6). Sandra, who by this time wanted nothing else but to escape this place immediately, opened the door and stepped into_______.

To be continued...


1. Hard, grueling months filled with lots of plumbing and jobs, not to mention useless men

2. Where did you think she ended up? Which Sims game does not matter!

3. Forgive her. The Sims brings exclamation marks out in even the most calm of fellows.

4. The Narrator

5. Death is the best person to send for these kinds of things. He is never ignored!

6. Standard travel

Michael - April 27th, 2011, 2:01:20 AM

Ahahahahahah.... Christine, you are fantastic. Keep going!

On a different note, entirely because I must, you spelled "throw" as "through" near the "4". Minor inconvenience to an otherwise delightful romp.

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