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Christine - November 9th, 2010, 12:54:20 PM

What To Do When a Day is Not Going Well

1. Eat lots of Chocolate-it releases "fee good"(Not very scientific but I just can't remember its name) neurotransmitters in the brain, making the day feel a little bit easier to handle.

2. Avoid alcohol- it is a depressant

3. Take a nap- sometimes lack of sleep contributes to the general "grumpy" feeling

4. Eat a banana- being hungry also makes one grumpy

5. Pray- God is always with you and he wants to help. Let him!

6. Eat some icecream- it tastes delicious

7. Listen to some music while playing solitaire- it gives you something to do while the chocolate is working on you.

8. Take a walk- getting away for a some time can put your problems into perspective and, as an added bonus, you can eat more since you exercised!

9. Play a first-person shooter- get some anger out by shooting at some bad guys

10. Remember work won't last forever- Eventually that job that is sucking the live out of you will end, so there is hope.

11. Do some crafts- this may sound weird, but when one is upset their creativity peaks. Look at van Gogh!

12. Take a bath- the soothing warm water turning you into a prune is very therapeutic!

13. Star writing whatever comes to mind- it is a great way to free one of the suppressed feelings that, if left alone, could lead one astray

14. Go coupon shopping- My favorite day at work is when we get a full newspaper and it contains coupons. Finding useful coupons brightens your day!

15. Ask for help- sharing your issues may lead to some resolutions you might never of thought of!

16. Watch a movie/hang out with friends- Laughter is the best medicine

Doug - November 15th, 2010, 11:13:09 AM

17. Catch some frogs and turtles!

18. Cook something complicated.

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