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January 31st, 2012 9:21 PM

Almost was in an accident on the way to work because some dude thought I was going too slow by going five miles above the 25mph speed limit. Just as we reached the point where it transitioned to 45mph (and I mean precisely), I saw him start to merge over into the oncoming lane. Figuring I was already about to give him what he wanted anyway, I sped up to 45. He stayed in the oncoming traffic lane. There were cars coming! By the time he actually started to pass me, we were already both going about 45, so it was pretty far down the road. I wasn't even angry when I looked over at him -- probably more a look of general confusion, with an eyebrow or two raised. Why are you driving on that side of the road, sir, there are cars coming and we are going the same speed. I wasn't going to slow down; I had to go the speed limit!

Now, I actually have gotten pulled over before on this exact bit of road for speeding up to 45 too soon before the transition. I drive it every day. I therefore aim to keep the exact speed limit, as one verbal warning was enough. Why can't a cop pull over this dude in his crappy blue volvo? That's just how luck works. Luckily for the oncoming traffic, he sped up and got back into the right lane.

Speaking of luck, apparently the company's run into some more bad luck. A few upcoming projects were delayed, some existing projects have gotten hung up by other companies taking forever to review them, and one fairly big project apparently has slipped by entirely. The next couple paychecks will be reduced in an effort to catch up with the next payment coming in. That in itself is pretty difficult to deal with, but the major worry here is exactly how temporary this setback may be. There were money issues in the past, and they sort of spiraled worse and worse -- after having everything come back together, I thought we were fully past that. So things are a little frightening again.

Good day or best day? Wait til I got home!

After getting the mail, I found an envelope attached to the knob, marked Water Authority. Inside was this weird, blue, half-sheet of paper. First line -- Date of Notce. Second line -- Shutoff Date -- seven days from now.

Reading to the bottom, there's a balance of $430 that is being demanded within the next five days or they will attach an extra fine and then shut off the water.

Now, I could've sworn we weren't responsible for water. Also, we've lived here over a year and never received any kind of bills related to municipal water. First step, get the lease out! And at least it appears one thing's on my side today: "Cold Water" is listed under "Landlord Pays", in the Utilities and Services section. Additionally, the name on the outside of the notice envelope is Jeffrey Evons, who is listed as the landlord on our lease. And the actual balance inside has the name Century 21 Keystone Group listed above it -- which may have something to do with the property group that owns the place (we're renting through Century 21). I have emailed the realtor about it, providing all the details.

But why does none of that help convince me that I won't be the one stuck with this bill?

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Rob3rt - February 5th, 2012, 6:31:40 PM

Fight it, Doug. Fight it with all you've got. If things are going to be slow at work, you have time to take it to the man. That's not small change, and your lease says you aren't legally responsibly for it!

Doug - February 12th, 2012, 1:19:59 PM

Indeed, and after talking with the realtor and sending over a copy of things, they said they got it all sorted out. Well, the water's still on and I haven't seen any more notices, so that's a good secondary verification also.

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