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June 17th, 2012 1:53 PM
Stuff keeps happening

It is true that all the things happened this weekend. Inferno show Friday, high school reunion on Saturday, and now it's apparently father's day. Well, doesn't sounds so busy when I put it that way, but let's see.

Before we left to come home for the show, I was doing some last minute checking on the tanks to make sure they'd be set for the weekend. I realized that I just could not figure out where the water snake was in his tank. He wasn't down in the water, or hanging out on any of the bark or hammocks, or hiding in his den. I started slowly taking piece after piece out of the tank, hoping I was just overlooking some particular hiding spot, but it became apparent that he simply was not in there anymore. Which meant that he was now somewhere in the house. I spent a little time tearing things apart, to check the most obvious locations, but no luck. There was one moment where I was absolutely certain I had found him -- a dusty corner by the stove had a suspicious bulge under the carpet, so I grabbed a work glove and started peeling back the carpet... and it was a dang cat toy! Friggin cats!

Anyway, I had to give up the search so we could get to the show. There's a few ways this can work out: 1., I search more when we get back and perhaps I find him. 2., He finds his way out of the house -- this is the most likely scenario, given how old and porous that house is. 3., He finds the perfect hiding space and we never see him again, perhaps he lives off of mice in the walls. 4., The cats find him and make a gigantic, awful mess; he's not venomous but he'll certainly fight back and won't go down without flailing everywhere. I really can't hold out much hope for finding him -- he's got quite a head start. And I have no good ideas for how he got out -- I keep the tank shut with little tabs of duct tape, and it was closed, and I hadn't opened the tank since the last time I saw him in it.

So, while unable to stop trying to mentally put myself into his snakey shoes to reconstruct his passage, we went off to the show -- World Inferno at Asbury Lanes! They seem to have remodeled quite a lot since the last time we were there, and of course the parking meters appear to have continued steadily spreading westward. One of the openers, the Barons of Tang, wins the award for being startling good despite their somewhat bizarre name. The show itself was wonderful, and of course I'm all physically beat up from it still. There was some fire twirling/breathing on the sidewalk afterward, and once the cats allowed themselves to be herded, some swimming out in the ocean.

It was wonderful being out in the warm water, and we could even see a lot of stars even with all the light. Margot finally managed to come all the way into the water! She wouldn't go out past the breakers (in fact, hardly anyone else would either, even though it was way nicer not having my head jarbled over and over by the waves), but it was nice having her out in water past her ankles. I body surfed into a few people, and got a gallon of ocean jammed in my nose (and half the beach up my shorts). Good times anyway! Sabrina kept telling me how she was a witch, though I don't think that was related to her having had all the whiskey.

We then stood around on the beach for like a friggin hour where I felt like I was going to die from hypothermia because I was apparently the only person whose shirt was actually wetter than if I had worn it into the water, and though there was talk of pizza early on, you can't expect a herd of cats to actually follow through with plans. So approximately 15 hours later, we got to a little pizza & chicken shop and ordered what seemed to be the final scraps of food they had left before they promptly closed around 4am. I insist that pizza & fried chicken really are not a good idea in the best of times, and 4am is certainly not the best of times for eating anything, really. But punk rock!! eat a box of fried chicken! I guess?

You'd think that'd be enough, but then we picked up some French punks who were going to just sleep on the sidewalk, and went back to my parents and went in the hot tub. It would've been soothing if I wasn't falling asleep. It's been a very long time since we've been in the hot tub wile the sun came up, and as much as it feels a little bit like an accomplishment, at the same time I just know that my body is not really appreciating it.

Got some sleep, then took some folks to the train. Finally took a shower, and then went with Margot to... a Mary Kay party?! :I I at least enjoyed the snacks! But the reason I remained there was because directly afterwards, I had a reunion thing to go to in Belmar, and it just wouldn't have made much sense to drive down to Ocean, drop her off, go somewhere else for an hour, then go get her again and then off to Belmar. At least I got to see some folks I don't see too often, but being the one dude at a Mary Kay party is not really super fun times.

Off to Bar Anticipation -- no wonder everyone calls it Bar A, what the heck kind of name is that. If it weren't for the terrible music, it actually was a pretty cool layout, with a waterfall and sand and nice wooden bars. As expected, it was Awkward City and I was the mayor. Margot tried to keep me at a constant mingle rate, which exceeded my usual pace of hanging back and considering every word I could potentially say to people. This situation's awkwardness was compounded by my unreliable brains -- I was seeing so many faces that I knew I recognized, but I couldn't remember how well I knew them, and I damn well did not remember their actual name. A lot of the time, I would actually start talking to someone before I finally remembered exactly who they were, and then it was pretty neat, but that moment of trying to desperately remember was pretty uncomfortable. There's also the issue that during my time in high school, I feel like I was at this slight acquaintance-level friendship with a whole lot of people, where I knew who they were and they knew who I was, but it didn't go too far past that. I think the best metric for knowing what to even say to someone seems to be, "if it were ten years ago, would I just go up and strike a conversation with this person anyway? Or would I only do that today simply because it's been a friggin' decade?" There were a bunch of people there that it was really good to catch up with, but I'm realizing now that there were a lot of other people that weren't there who I knew a lot better. Too cool for reunions, or just left early?

One notable thing during the whole process was introducing Margot, since it was recently become less a matter of, "my girlfriend", and more a matter of, "my fiancee". Perhaps I should write an entry just about that? In this day of facebooks and telemaphones, it seems like this site is the last place someone would go for news about me (though mostly that'd be because I never write anything in here anymore). But yes, we're engaged! So the first bunch of people I talked to, I was a bit awkward with saying "fiancee" simply because I don't know if I even have said it like that before, but then it became more normal. Of course, you mention "fiancee" and you suddenly have something to talk about also, so that's a plus!

So I think I survived that, though it was really maxing out my brain just trying to figure out how to talk to random people I hadn't seen in a decade, and there were a couple moments where I got myself stuck in an ERROR_BAD_RESPONSE loop where someone would compliment me and I'd go arrr errr um so you and ahhh well. This isn't some Disney show where I insist I'm terribly awkward around people but as soon as I get started I'm suddenly the king of conversation -- I am just super awkward. I feel like the best way for me to deal with that is to laugh at myself, say "whoops I am just terrible at this" and move on to the next subject. Take a mulligan.

Then we went back over to Michael and Aida's, this time with 100% more Michael and 100% less Mary Kay, where I felt like I was about to fall asleep. Then Margot insisted we go to Broadway Diner, where I also felt like I was about to fall asleep. Then I got to actually fall asleep, and twelve hours later here we are!

Alright then, now I always promise I'll write more, who the heck knows!

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