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June 17th, 2012 3:01 PM

So it would appear that Margot and I are engaged. In fact, it is true! I got her a ring and everything! We also did it without falling for the fake custom of spending way too much money on a generic, clear diamond, and instead got a lovely blue topaz. I believe that the only tradition that's worth upholding in this world is letting Morales get the first shot at the terrorists (we need to do more Rainbow Shield!), so I hold no truck with tradition, especially when they are invented by the people who would profit by them catching on. Anyway, it seems like the ring was certainly pretty enough!

I am fond of recounting the story in the following manner: "I had a ring, I gave it to her, we're engaged now THE END," but people seem to insist on details.

The weather seemed like it was going to be pretty nice, so I decided to take Monday, May 7th off. Margot and I went up to St. Pete's (I have so many pictures of this place, but have never posted any; maybe one day I will, then you can understand how nice it is). It's a little village in the forest, with a stream running along it. Due to the makeup of the ground there, there's a stretch of the river that's just huge boulders, with the water snaking around it. It's really nice for pictures, and also for pretending to be a goat. There's trails and an old railroad bridge and a blue-green quarry pond that kids cliff dive into. I caught a one-legged bullfrog, and two baby snapping turtles there. Great place!

Of course, instead of it being perfect weather, it was on and off drizzling. Thanks weather forecast -- it can't even be vaguely right 15 hours in advance, how can anyone ever depend on it for anything? There was some big rock in the woods away from the trails that I thought would be a nice secluded place to go, but tromping through the wet underbrush to go sit on a wet rock covered in puddles didn't seem so great an idea, and plus I forgot where it even was (I had found it by randomly walking off the path for a bit), so that plan was scrapped. We went over to what typically is a swimming area: there's a little dam, and the water actually gets somewhat deep there. There's usually people all over the place, but due to the rain, it was deserted, so in a way the rain managed to keep things more private, so that's one bonus.

We managed to find a spot next to the water that, through perfect luck and angles of branches, was still somehow completely dry, and sat down and relaxed a bit together. I had the ring in my pocket, and I had been trying to both keep track of it and keep Margot from noticing me keeping track of it. The ring had come out of its setting at some point and would rattle around inside its box if I walked a certain way, so I had to walk like a robot. There's typically some kind of "down on one knee" sort of deal when it comes to proposing, but I figured that if I were to stand in the water with Margot up on the rock next to it, it would be the perfect angle while eschewing yet another tradition -- plus I'd get to be standing in the river, which is always on my to-do list (just the other day, by standing in a river I got to see a gigantic beaver go swimming by! A++++ would stand in river again, and recommend to all your friends).

Anyway, I was actually clean-shaven, due to an accident. My razor somehow switched from '3' to '1' after putting it down, and without knowing it I cut huge chunks out of my beard. The only option was to shave it all off (of course, not without first sculpting it into this).

So I tried to segue into the whole thing by asking if she would love me forever, with or without a beard, and so on. Really classy! I then tried to fumble the ring out of my side pocket, and every time I would move my hand down to it, I could see Margot's eyes darting to my hand, so I would strategically try to pretend I was just getting a napkin out or something. Finally I just decided to go for it, but was having a bit of a time trying to get it out of my pocket. Margot was like, "What, is your leg itchy?" :I

So it wasn't really a surprise, and I am pretty sure she knew exactly what was going on the entire time. Anyway she said no, so whoops!

No wait, of course she said yes, so we left and got ice cream. Woo!

I think that's about it, two entries in one day!

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