Doug Kavendek - Portfolio


Frighter Fighter Frighter Fighter - 3D fighting game with crazy characters.
ImmuneQuest ImmuneQuest - 3D immunology strategy game developed at Syandus.
Syandus - Senior Software Engineer at Syandus since 2007, creating 3D interactive learning simulations.
Weathering - Simulation of weathering of polygonal models through geometric and color changes.
Bumfight - A multiplayer 2D fighting game.
Flocking pt. 2 - Flocking behavior inserted into my terrain engine, along with different animal types and behaviors.
The Mystery of Ah D'no - A 3D role-playing game developed as a senior project.
Photon Magnets - Enhancing lighting control of photon mapping for artistic purposes.
Captain Awesome - A 3D flying game developed for a real-time rendering class.
Flocking - Simulation of flocking behavior among birds in a 3D environment.
Half-Life Maps - A brief collection of some maps I have created.